Letter to someone

Monday, June 25th 2012

Here I am as usual, feeling the same way, doing the same things, as before, it seems like nothing has changed, like the time has stopped and no one has been doing anything, but that’s just a dream, an illusion,that’s what my mind wants to believe that way I would seem normal like nothing has ever been bothering me, like there is nothing to feel, but my dream has just passed and I came where I belong and where I am supposed to be, but alone;I look everywhere to see if maybe you have taken the wrong path and you are lost, but I can’t find you, because you are not here at least physically,because you are always in my dreams and thoughts.
Is hard to forget you, how can you ask me to do that when you were the only one who has ever made me happy, who has brought me endless memories. Some things are unacceptable for me, I seriously don’t want to give up on you and don’t tell me the time will help me or meeting new people,because you know what THAT’S BULLSHIT, nothing has ever worked on my side, we have spent 10 months without seeing each other and barreling speaking and when I saw you, it felt like nothing has ever changed, I felt the same way as before, my body was shaking and my stomach was with butterflies, and that doesn’t change,I feel the same way as before, You are my one and only, you are what I always wanted, so how come we are apart?
I don’t know how things are for you, I think they are good as you never speak, is hard to know what’s on your mind, I can’t continue pretending like you have never existed, because that’s impossible when someone has given you too much to remember, too much to live for.
I thought I will be able to give up, to throw the towel, but I can’t and it was silly of me to think I could.
I don’t want our story to be over. I still believe we are meant for each other, besides everything that is against us.

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