Loving the other

Who are we to judge people?

judgeOver the last couple of days I’ve been thinking a lot about why we humans like to judge others? We are not God, and we don’t have the power to discriminate someone by his or her religion, race, sexual orientation, physical appearance, etc.
Society sets paths for us to follow, they give us some characteristics that you need to pursue if you want to fit in the small circle that society is, but what if I have different beliefs, sexual orientation, I am pushed out of the small circle.
God is the highest force in this universe and if he doesn’t discriminate against anyone, why do we to. Our God is someone full of Love, yes people LOVE, and Love means taking care of your family, friends, acquaintances, animals and well everyone. That’s what Love means.
The world would be a better place if we put ourselves in someone else’s shoes, instead of judging them. Life is already hard for a person that doesn’t meet our society tight constraints put on us by. We are not perfect, we all have flaws and we do not have the power to say if someone is acting good or bad, because we are not perfect, we are human beings, flawed and beautifully human.
I don’t care if you are Gay, if you don’t believe in God, if your religion is different from mine, if you are Black or White, if you are Muslim, why? I understand that everyone is different, that in this world there is diversity, that we can learn anything from someone, that we are alive and we need to love each other regardless of their creed.
Most of my friends are Gay and my choice to have them in my circle doesn’t mean that I am, that doesn’t mean I am less of a human being, and I support their right to marry the person they want, let’s be realistic what is the impact on our daily lives of their choice to love the same sex? None.
Sometimes is so frustrating to listen to people that are devotees of God and they hate Gays, Muslims, etc. But the first thing that God proclaims is LOVE, besides anything else. Love is above everything. So don’t come and tell me, you will find heaven and someone else will not, because they are gay, because I will need to tell you to embrace other and Love it.

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