The Bahamas

The Bahamas

Sorry that this post took a while to write, I’ve been busy.
On January I went on a 5-day cruise to Bahamas with Royal Caribbean (Nassau and CocoCay). This was my first time going on a cruise, so I read a lot of things about what to take, how was the experience and different opinions about the ship Majesty of the Seas and what to expect from Bahamas, the cruise sailed from Miami.
Monday arrived and it was time to check in at the port. The process for checking in was kind of the same as the airport. The check in was fast and efficient, with no time I was inside wandering around and looking for the beverages stand to buy the package, I chose the Premium Beverage Package, which cost $57 dollars per day, per person, but I ended up cancelled it, because you had to drink a lot in order to compensate the amount that you were paying, so I ended up buying drinks the rest of the trip, which was the best option.
The first night was kind of intense; I was a little dizzy, because the ship was moving a lot and I had to take a pill for dizziness, besides that it was a great night.
Tuesday, we arrived to Nassau, when I disembarked they was another cruise at the port. There were a lot of small shops selling local products and from there you could see the Atlantis Paradise Island Hotel, which is gorgeous.
I started wandering around admiring the beautiful architecture of the stores; the beach was like 10 min walk from the port, as I live on an island (Dominican Republic) in order for a beach to impress me has to be excellent, the beach was super clean and crystal waters. The only problem was the weather it started raining nonstop. While it was raining I wanted to feel more in Bahamas and their style, so I asked a guy that had a small kiosk at the beach selling drinks, which was their most famous and traditional drink from Bahamas, and I got a Bahama Mama (it cost $7), the drink had rum, coconut flavored rum, grenadine and something local, but it was the bomb, super strong and super GOOD.


After disembarking the ship


Out of the port




While walking to the beach


At the beach


Covering from the rain lol



The next day I in arrived CocoCay, in order for you to go to the private island you have to take a boat ride, because the ship must anchor a few hundreds yards out due to the depth in the water.

How I got to the island




Piña Colada + Bahama Mama


Beautiful day




Floating mat


My cruise

Now that you have arrived in CocoCay, the first thing you must be thinking is where do I go? You have a few options, but most people tend to go to the beach area, before I went to the beach, I rented a floating mat to be inside the beach with it.
I spent almost all the time there enjoying the beach, the palm trees and the sun.
I had an amazing vacation there and I would like to go there for exploring more the island.

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