Puerto Plata

Puerto Plata

La Novia del Atlántico (The Bride of the Atlantic)

Puerto Plata is where the tourism first started in the Dominican Republic, located in the North part of the country. Puerto Plata is a beautiful scenic area with picturesque beaches with a breathtaking mountain scenery. Puerto Plata welcomes those taking a different type of vacation: from wild real life to relax, all-inclusive self-indulgence.


Teleférico view


Playa Cabarete

In addition to the beach (which let’s face it, should be your number-one reason for visiting), this port city is also home to several historic and cultural sites, such as Fort San Felipe or Mount Isabel de Torres. While in Puerto Plata wander the Malecón or the downtown streets surrounding the Parque Central and you’ll see the important revitalization efforts that the government has been doing, all the shops that are around to buy local products, and the beautiful homes that were built by wealthy German tobacco merchants. Some restaurants are worth a visit, as are a few interesting museums, and the cable car (Teleférico) ride, if is not clouded over, offers BREATHTAKING panoramic views.




From beaches, national parks, protected areas, plantation trails, wildlife spotting, waterfalls, rivers, lakes, islands and cayes. Puerto Plata has it all.

  • 27 Charcos de Damajagua
  • Bahía de Luperón
  • Cabarete Coffee Company
  • Cayo Arena
  • El Choco National Park
  • Long Beach
  • Mount Isabel de Torres
  • Playa Alicia (Sosúa)
  • Playa Cabarete
  • Playa Cofresí
  • Playa Dorada and Costa Dorada
  • Playa Encuentro
  • Playa Ensenada


What are you waiting for to book your dream vacation to this beautiful province?

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