Weekend getaway during Covid-19

Weekend getaway during Covid-19

In June my friend Leo and I, were overwhelmed by the current situation of Coronavirus in New York, so we decided to escape the Concrete Jungle for a weekend. We booked a hotel and pack our backpacks. We went to The Spirit of America (Boston, Massachusetts). Boston is a city that I’ve been so many times and still fall in love with it every time. Last time I was there was in December 2017 with my sister, and I was so eager to walk its charm streets again. There were one Phase (Phase II) ahead from New York (Phase I).

This was my first trip without making a plan (I know right, so not me lol), I was just going with the flow, I just knew we had to eat at Tatte lol. We drove to Providence, Rhode Island with my friend and her family. We wandered Downtown (It was my first time visiting), from there we took the train to Boston (because of Covid-19 the trains were free).

We stayed at Marriott North Station (107 Beverly St, Boston, MA 02114), we walked like 15 minutes from Boston South Station to the hotel, when we arrived, they measured our temperatures and proceeded to go to the room.

Our first place was Hennessy’s (25 Union St, Boston, MA 02108), It is surrounded by other bars/restaurants. Hennessy’s is a nice Irish Pub with friendly staff, good food and beer. I’m not a fan of seafood, but when in Boston you should have oysters and I did. It was different, but good, not what I was expecting lol. We also ordered Clam Chowder (I didn’t like it, because it tasted so much as seafood) and Bavarian Pretzel and Guinness Cheese Dip.

We went to The Faneuil Hall Marketplace, it didn’t have the same vibe as normal times, many stores were closed, and they were less people than regular. We also walked through Fan Pier Park, where you can take the famous picture of Boston Harbor.

The next day we had breakfast at Tatte Back Bay (399 Boylston St, Boston, MA 02116), which is the best, everything they make is delicious, we took the food, pastries and iced coffees to Boston Public Garden. After breakfast and walking through the park, we explored one of Boston’s most picturesque areas, Beacon Hill Neighborhood of red brick sidewalks, cobblestoned streets, elegant townhouses and gas streetlamps. It’s a favorite spot to stroll for both tourist and locals, and a personal favorite.

We also went to Charles River Esplanade and spent some hours just relaxing and drinking beer and margaritas.

I wanted to go to the Tap Room that Samuel Adams has in the Faneuil Hall Market, but it was closed, and they were going to open it the following week. Overall the trip was good, we had fun, we felt safe and everyone was keeping their distance. Restaurants were applying the social distancing rules and people were wearing their masks.

Have you ever been to Boston? What things have you done? Where do you want to go?

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