Things to do in Québec City

Québec City was our first stop into the Canadian territory. We flew from La Guardia, New York to Toronto and then to Québec with Westjet (US$124 one way). We stayed in an Airbnb in Grande Allée close to the main attractions, and we paid US$218.92 for 3 nights.

A winterland perfection (forgetting about the cold lol) and ranked one of the best Christmas destinations in the world. Québec City is a MUST during winter time. Québec offers a unique experience unlike any city in North America. It is a work of art: Architecture from the 17thcentury, cobblestones streets, charming atmosphere, fortress walls, all of which have given the entire city status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The City it is just simply out of a fairytale. So here I put a list of the things that Cristy (my friend), Brigette (My sister), and I did check it out.

The Best Things to Do in Québec City:
  1. Fairmont Le Château Frontenac: Historic hotel that floats majestically over the old town.

A stunning hotel that sits atop Old Québec’s upper town. The hotel was opened in 1893. The building is part of the National Historic Site of Canada. Something curious about it, contradictory to the name, it was never a castle. The price per night are from US$151.57 (in the month of February), it depends on the season, for example on December it will be from US$415.50.


Château Frontenac, Québec City

If you can’t afford to spend the night, there are always ways to take a peek inside.

  • You can pop in the lobby and see the art deco details.
  • Take a self-guided tour (Free app) or escorted tour CAD$21.00 (Tour).
  • Make reservations at Champlain Restaurant (Reservation).



Waiting for the bus of the Tours du Vieux Québec


  1. Les Tours Du Vieux Québec

One of the best way to get to know the city is by doing one of these tours (Tour View Quebec), especially during the winter months, where everything is so cold. We bought the City and Country Tour US$53.22 per person (The tours we took) You have to take two buses, the city tour is from 9:00am-11am and the countryside 12:30-5:00pm You can also buy the tours individual, but if you would like to do both tours this package is cheaper. This tour is a combination of what Québec has to offer, it lasts 7hours and you get to explore and see:

  • Montmorency Falls (The waterfalls are 83m tall, and are higher than Niagara Falls.) If you have a lot of time you can spend a solid 2 hours in the park. There is a suspension bridge, scenic 487 step stairway along the sides of the cliffs, but let’s be honest when is -28C/-18F you just want to see the place snap a picture and go back to the bus. I would definitely do this during summer/fall/spring.

  • Sainte-Anne de Beaupre Shrine (It is one of the five national shrines of Canada, and it has been credited by the Catholic Church with many miracles, doesn’t matter is you are religious or not the architecture is just beautiful.)

  • Albert Gilles BCopper Art Museum (It is a family museum dedicated to Repoussé (metal embossing), now his daughters and granddaughter carry on his work.)


  • Chocolate shop (Chocolaterie de Île d’Orléans) I just have to say that I’M NOT A FAN OF CHOCOLATE, but OMG I had the best hot chocolate. Their chocolate is hand-made in this little shop that is over 200 years old.

  • Boulangerie Chez Marie (It is a family business where they cook their own household white bread, and their maple butter. We picked a small jar to take home.)

  1. Québec-Levis Ferry

By taking the ferry you can appreciate the view of the stunning Le Château Frontenac and how the ferry breaks the ice. The crossing time is 10 minutes and it leaves every 30 minutes. The fare ( is CAD$3.60
IMG_5223 (1)

  1. Old Québec

It is the oldest part of Québec City and it is charming, with its eye-catching façades and 400 years old streets. A place that is a World Heritage Treasure (UNESCO) is alive with history. You can visit the Fortifications of Québec and The Citadelle (living fortress where 300 years of history are revealed. Impressive architecture and spectacular views of the city. The tour is CAD$16). Walking the streets of Old Québec, especially around Christmas time, is like stepping into a fairytale, narrow cobblestone streets (wear sturdy shoes), decorated shops and restaurants.


Place Royale

IMG_5220IMG_5294 (1)IMG_5276
The funicular is one of the ways to get there, it links Lower Town with the Dufferin Terrace. The funicular offers a wonderful view of the neighborhood. There are two entrance to the funicular one is located in the home built in 1683 by Louis Jolliet and the other one is in front of the Château Frontenac in Haute-Ville. The funicular opens everyday starting at 7:30am, but closing time varies between 11pm and midnight depending on the season. Rides cost CAD$3 (about US$2.40) per person one way.
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  1. Quartier Petit Champlain

The Petit Champlain street is the oldest commercial road in North America, it has more than 47 shops, even though you don’t go there to buy just the beautiful façades are worth a visit. The French influence is evident everywhere, enchanted by the romantic European atmosphere. The illuminated streets of the Petit Champlain are an invitation to travel back in time.
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Maple Taffy Candy


  1. Marché Du Vieux Port

Whether you are a foodie or not, you get to know a lot from a place by their markets or/and where local people go. It is a fantastic place for sample local products such as ICED WINES (We LOVED IT, you can find it in Montréal, but more expensive), fresh blueberries, maple syrup, and mingle with locals. The market is open every day and isn’t crowded.


  1. Glissades au 1884 (Toboggan Slide)

This attraction is more than a century old, a unique activity in Québec City. It is located on the Dufferin Terrace. It is an exciting activity for kids and adults, you speed up to 70km/hour down the hill. It is available from mid-December until mid-March or even later, if weather permits. Something that you need to take in consideration that you have to pull your toboggan up to the top and then can sit up to 4 people on one toboggan, but each have to buy a ticket, it costs CAD$3.00 and if you buy a package 4 slides CAD$10.00.