What to wear in Canada in Winter

Thinking of going to Canada during winter? Think twice lol. I decided to go in December which is the month where winter starts, but the temperatures were horrible, it was so cold. The temperatures were -12C, -19C, -27C (It was SO COLD). Local people started saying that it has been more than 30 years since they have felt those low temperatures in December.
I’ve realized that there are some basic rules for what to wear in winter, no matter where you are in the country. So, I will give you some tips on what to wear while visiting Canada during winter time.

  1. Baselayer

I cannot stress how important and essential it is to invest in good base layers. The best material for base layers is either merino wool or synthetic materials such as polyester. Layers allow flexibility to adjust to different temperatures. When dressing for a cold day is to stay warm, but not to get hot and sweaty, which can, oddly, make you cold because of the wetness produced. Pick fewer, quality items made of the proper fabrics rather than overdressing. It would be a good idea to have two pair of each as you know that you will be wearing those everyday under all your clothes.
I bought my thermals from Uniqlo, they were very affordable.

You can also find good one too in The North Face and Columbia.


  1. Second Layer

The second layer, which you wear on top of the base layer, should be an insulating one. Fleece or wool clothes are good insulators, as they trap warm air. Don’t buy cotton, as it will keep you cold when getting wet.
This is the Fleece Jacket I bought from Columbia. It was warm.
Fleece Jacket

  1. Third Layer

The final layer should keep you from wind and snow. Think of waterproof and windproof material. Wind chill is a huge factor when talking about the cold. Wind can really cut through your clothes, so wear good clothing.
This is the coat I bought.


Montmorency Falls, Québec, Canada

  1. Socks

The trick to keeping your feet warm is having enough room in between your shoes and your socks and only wearing one layer of quality warm socks. These socks are great.

  1. Accessories

  • Mittens are warmer than gloves! Best option? Thick wool mittens or leather fur-lined gloves!
  • Wearing a hat and covering your neck during winter is very important. I didn’t buy a balaclava, but it will be a good idea for those extremely cold days!
  • Hot hand warmer were lifesavers. Hot hand warmers
  • Beanie: Beanie
  1. Boots

Feet should be covered with wool or synthetic fabric socks and water-resistant, insulated boots. I made a mistake of ordering Sperry boots, it was a big fail, my feet got wet, you can imagine how cold I was, so I had to buy new boots in a local store (Nero Bianco). But Sorel’s boots are an excellent option.


The boots I bought in the local store.


Important things to take in consideration

  • I would recommend wearing ski pants and jacket. It is normal to see people wearing that, and you will be warmer.
  • Cold temperatures drain the battery of your electronic devices, try to keep them in your pockets, bring lots of extra batteries, you can also put a hot hand warmer to the back of your phone, to help the battery last longer.
  • Don’t waste time planning outfits like my sister did lol. At the end what you are going to be looking for is to be comfortable and warm.


This is not a sponsored post. 

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