Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic is located in the Caribbean, we share the island with Haiti. My country is full of colors, culture, exotic food and wonderful people. I can assure you, we have one of the best beaches in the World, and I know it might sound cocky to compare our beaches from Maldives, Hawaii, Turks and Caicos, etc. But believe me we do have it.
Many people know my country as Punta Cana ( The most popular destination for tourist), but I need to tell that my small piece of land is more than Punta Cana, my country is divided into 31 provinces plus The National District (Santo Domingo), which is the biggest city, I live in the second biggest city of the country that is called Santiago de Los Caballeros.
Santiago might not have beaches, and might not be as big as The Capital, but we do have something that charm people.


El Monumento de Santiago

Santiago's Cathedral

Santiago’s Cathedral


Cabarete, Puerto Plata


Don Juan, Santo Domingo

I smile, because I can

I smile, because I can

You will many people selling coconut water in the streets.

You will see people selling coconut water in the streets.

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