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Holiday Gift Guide for HER and HIM

Holiday Gift Guide Looking for cute and budget gifts to your loved ones, I’ve rounded my favorite holiday gift ideas that are perfect for everyone in your list. A gift that comes from the heart, that she/he may have on her/him wishlist, or that you just know they will love. HER A pair of sunglasses This retro and timeless glasses never go out of style. Boys and Girls Lip Color Tom ford The absolute best thing about red lipstick is that anyone can wear it. Ruffled Crepe Dress a beautiful  ...

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What to wear in Canada in winter

Thinking of going to Canada during winter? Think twice lol. I decided to go in December which is the month where winter starts, but the temperatures were horrible, it was so cold. The temperatures were -12C, -19C, -27C (It was SO COLD). Local people started saying that it has been more than 30 years since they have felt those low temperatures in December. I’ve realized that there are some basic rules for what to wear in winter, no matter where you are in the country. So, I will give you  ...

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